• Tiana Speter

NEW SINGLE REVIEW: there's a whole lotta driving melodic rock to devour with the new track '

SINGLE: Believer // ARTIST: Polymer

Get a dizzying hit of stellar local rock and roll with Sydney trio Polymer and their latest track 'Believers serving up some seriously glossy indie rock.

Forming in 2018, this polished trio are certainly no newcomers, brandishing members from various projects including Age of Menace and Samsara. And while the ultimate passionate outcome that is Polymer may seemingly result from prior experience, there's an undeniable stamp of emphatic devotion to the collective melodic rock gods that resonate behind Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon mixed with a firm grasp on their own flourishing trademark sound, as 'Believers significantly indicates.

With forcefully aching vocals at the helm of driving beats and clean guitars, 'Believers' weaves its bittersweet narrative across a cinema-ready arrangement that is easy on the ears but ever-so-subtly poignant on the mind, as the band explain:

“All our music has some serious undertones that inspire each track, be it a personal experience, or world events, we definitely have some strong opinions on a lot of things. Luckily we can express them, albeit under the guise of music.”

Sporting a brand new accompanying music video for the clip, Polymer are sitting pretty to bring their new chapter fully to life, with a string of tour dates slated including a live show tonight at Sydney's Frankies Pizza alongside Elephant Hive, and then some cracking local shows in August and September. For all the rock fans out there who are sick of hearing the same old same old - let Polymer make you a believer, and go dive head first into this mesmerising sonic slice of rock and roll.



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