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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Best of Me // ARTIST: Lucille


Poignant poetry gets an alt-folk makeover from quietly captivating Melbourne artist Lucille and her new track 'Best of Me'.


Born in Berlin and raised in Germany, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Lucille's early upbringing was rooted heavily in folk, gospel and classical music that led to creating music with her siblings. But after finding success in the corporate world, Lucille's passion could no longer be denied, and the result has been her debut single 'The Killing Season', and her soulful follow-up 'Best of Me' that unveiled this week.

And where her debut track was a dark and politically-themed stomper, 'Best of Me' sheds previous fiery tendencies and displays the Melbourne-based songstress in a charming stripped-back ballad. Balancing Lucille's expressive vocals against the instrumental stylings of Jeff Lang on acoustic guitar and Ben Franz on pedal steel, there's a soothing sense of vulnerability intertwined with the country twangs and simplistic arrangement as Lucille asserts the bittersweet strength that comes with knowing you gave something your all, regardless of the outcome.

Simultaneously dropping a delightful illustrated music video for the clip, Lucille has certainly given the best of herself over to her new musical pathways while proving less can sometimes be so much more - so why not go check out 'Best of Me' below and check out more Lucille info here.


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