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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Sleep // ARTIST: Gazey


Gaze into a quivering synth-soaked universe with Perth lo-fi synth kids Gazey and their brand new track 'Sleep'.


Leaping out as the first hint of new material off Gazey's forthcoming debut album, 'Sleep' is a spiralling wonderland of icy synths, Prince-ish vocals and a growling bass-synth steering proceedings into toe-tapping bliss.

Boasting a snazzy line-up of analogue synths fused with an experimental cocktail of disco, lo-fi pop and some serious 80s vibes, there's an undeniable lure to this pulsing morsel of retro modernity that defies time and space, as Ezekiel Padmanabham from the group explains:

"We really enjoy putting genres next to each other. It's not about living in nostalgia but putting the old together with the new; the way it happens in a person’s head."

Produced and mixed by the band themselves and mastered by Mike Jelenik, there's certainly a lot more to come when Gazey unleash their debut album later this year. But for now, go experience the cosmic journey that is 'Sleep' below, and for all other Gazey info head here.


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