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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: The Sitch // ARTIST: Windwaker


Aussie metalcore gets a bangin' new bop courtesy of Melbourne heavies Windwaker and their cracking newie 'The Sitch'.


Since packing their bags in Wagga Wagga and moving to Melbourne to unveil their debut EP 'Fade' in 2017, Windwaker have notched up an insane array of supports alongside Haken, Slaves, In Hearts Wake and Voyager to name a few - and 2019 finds them in especially fine form with their latest creation 'The Sitch' burning up speakers and riffs since its release last week.

Bearing the hallmarks of their previous sound, the Windwaker lads step into imaginative new territory with catchy hooks blasting over clean vocals and the occasional gritty breakdown that would endear both the heavy and not-so-heavy aficionados in the music realm.

Showing a stupefying level of growth in such a short space of time, Windwaker aren't taking the new year lying down, also releasing a tongue-in-cheek video for the new track that affably contrasts the heavier lyrical content, as vocalist Will King explains: "‘The Sitch’ is the first cut from Windwaker that truly paints who we are in wide spectrum. It’s nearly oxymoronic in its expression – with its lyrical content both dark and depressing, but every part of you just wants to fight that feeling when you listen to it. I really think this song is going to help people. It’s aggressively uplifting."

Whether you like your metal with some sprinkles of groove or just fancy watching a bunch of dudes sinking tinnies of Melbourne Bitter, Windwaker have got you covered. So go check out the new track below, and watch this space for a huge year from this lot.




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