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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Rock & Roll is Dead ARTIST: Port Royal

It's the ongoing debate inside and beyond the industry: is rock and roll dead in the water? There are those who believe rock died with the likes of Cobain, Hendrix and more recently Prince and Bowie - but in true rock spirit, Brisbane dudes Port Royal are here to clap back at the haters and prove that this explosive genre is alive and well with their sardonically named new single 'Rock & Roll is Dead'.


Giving a regal nod to both the golden age and the more recent revival of rock, Port Royal have thrown their effortless charm across 'Rock & Roll is Dead', with barrelling beats, anthemic choruses and a charming surge of blues. And while the track is no doubt a whole heap of fun, it's clear both from this track, as well as their previous outings, that Port Royal aren't here to sugarcoat their views or their enthusiasm for their genre; quite simply, this is a band who have sold their funky souls to rock and roll without the pretentious side effects, and no amount of naysayers or professional hurdles will get in their way.

Whether your a Rolling Stones purist or fancy a little trip down modern memory lane via Jet or The Hives, the Port Royal boys are definitely having a moment. Rock ain't dead, you just aren't looking hard enough - and there's plenty more to come.

Port Royal will be jumping on the road starting tomorrow to tour their new tune - more info below!

‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ Tour

Saturday May 5 - 4ZZZ Carpark. Brisbane

Thursday May 10 - Stag & Hunter. Newcastle

Friday May 11 - The Townie. Newtown, Sydney

Saturday May 12 - Frankie’s Pizza. Sydney | Free Entry

Sunday May 13 - Hideaway Bar. Newtown, Sydney | Free Entry

Thursday May 17 - The Loungeroom. Port Macquarie

Friday May 18 - Byron Bay Brewery. Byron Bay

Saturday May 19 - Currumbin Pub. Gold Coast

Friday May 25 - The Globe Hotel. Bundaberg

Saturday May 26 - Harvey Road Tavern. Gladstone

Monday May 28 - Live From The Shack. Mackay

Friday June 1 - Lefty’s Old Time Musical Hall. Brisbane

Saturday June 2 - Miami Shark Bar. Gold Coast

Saturday June 9 - Solbar. Sunshine Coast | Free Entry



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