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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Say Bad Things ARTIST: Behind Crimson Eyes

There's nothing like starting a new year off with a bang, or, if you're heavy rockers Behind Crimson Eyes, starting off 2018 off with a full blown combustion with a thumping set at UNIFY this Friday and brand new single 'Say Bad Things' premiering yesterday.

Available for purchasing and streaming tomorrow, 'Say Bad Things' is a roaring return for the iconic group, who spent a portion of 2017 teasing fans with a countdown and unleashing the first hint of the new BCE era with single 'Stardust'. As with 'Stardust', 'Say Bad Things' is a blasting cocktail of thumping riffs, soaring vocals and anthemic chants that are demanding to be heard live, and further demonstrates the wallop that the group are packing into their resurgence.

Josh Stuart, vocalist for the band, is more than excited about the release of the song and playing at the UNIFY festival. "As a band, we couldn't be prouder of this new music - we feel like it's important to discuss these topics and we are stoked to have featured prominent, important minds and voices as forewords to these tracks." And in the same way that they put their money where their mouth is with a percentage of money earned from the single 'Stardust', BCE will donate 25% of all royalties from 'Say Bad Things' to charities who help victims and survivors of abuse. 'Say Bad Things' is available tomorrow (Friday January 12) - the very same day BCE will grace the stage at the sold-out UNIFY Gathering alongside Parkway Drive, Polaris, Architects and more in Victoria. But if you missed the UNIFY boat, you can get your ears around it below:



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