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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Something Real ARTIST: Arcane Saints

Britpop and toe-tapping rock combine into an exceedingly pleasant package with Melb rockers Arcane Saints and their recent single 'Something Real'.


Marking a significant shift from the heavier Arcane Saints persona seen back in 2013 on their debut 'Turning the Tide', 'Something Real' is a breezy journey full of floating vocals, lurking basslines and sturdy beats that drifts you blissfully towards a hazy guitar-soaked horizon inspired partly by frontman Mike John's youthful days in New Zealand: "This is essentially a song about me being a teenager in the summertime, I would fall in love with a different girl every week -and of course - drink too much!"

'Something Real' is perhaps a more low-key outing for this usually grungy quartet, but not only does the track highlight their effortless versatility - it also showcases this lot's writing chops (and their continued knack for stellar production).

With a sophomore album on the cards for early 2019, there's most likely a few more musical treats we can expect to hear from Arcane Saints before the year is through - but for now, go check out 'Something Real' below (complete with flying gypsies and peacocks!)...



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