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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Stuck On You ARTIST: The Velvet Addiction If you've been searching for music to listen to whilst sporting your best leather pants and a whole bottle of whiskey, Melbourne rockers The Velvet Addiction have got you covered with their brand new single 'Stuck On You'.

With elegant beginnings in murky bars and shared dark pasts, this charismatic quartet have swiftly charmed ears and stages across the country with their 70s-soaked swaggering brand of rock and roll, and 'Stuck On You' follows suit with its hulking riffs and smoky vocals. The first hint of new music in the lead up to their freshly announced debut EP 'Volume 1' due out in October, the track is an absolute scorcher, but also sneaks in a healthy dose of narrative behind the shiny surface: "The single is about the insanity that lies in being attached to the idea of someone rather than loving that person for who they are," said vocalist, Stefan West. With a "party first, worry later" heart but a relentlessly upbeat soul, The Velvet Addiction are the perfect blend of nostalgia and raw, heaving tones, and if this new tune is any indication, we're in for an explosive end to 2017 from a band who are definitely hitting their stride: "Stuck On You came about right around the time the band was pushing to find a sound that represented us. Sleazy, riffy, upbeat rock," said guitarist, Aaron Bach.

To celebrate their upcoming new EP, the boys will be gallivanting off to a few shows in late October - but in the meantime check out the new track below:


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