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  • Tiana Speter

NEW SINGLE: "System Is Failing" (I CALL VAL)

SINGLE: System Is Failing ARTIST: I Call Val

Fancy some rock with a bubblegum jolt? Well step right up and meet effervescent Perth quartet I Call Val and their hook-fest of a single 'System Is Failing'.

Finding their bubbling feet back in 2015, I Call Val have over time forged a indelible tone with their No Doubt/Paramore tendencies and articulate themes, with 'System Is Failing' marking the very first sign of things to come from their forthcoming debut EP.

The track itself is a whirlwind of absolute upbeat temptation; a menagerie of robust vocals from frontwoman Paige surrounded by chirpy guitars, pumping bass and a beat so sturdy you could set your digital watch to it. And while it's easy to get lost in the frothy hooks, I Call Val aren't just here to look and sound pretty, with the bulk of the track attacking impossible beauty standards and the general disarray of society.

The system may be failing, but I Call Val cushion the blow with this charismatic little number; a seemingly simple pop song that belies the group's savvy songwriting and thunderous energy, and an extremely solid introduction to a group who will be no doubt making a lot more noise in 2018.

'System Is Failing' is out now in all the digital usual haunts, or you can check out the music video and a whole lot more below:




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