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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Take Flight ARTIST: Old Cities

Whether you're alone or loved up this Valentine's Day, the brand new track 'Take Flight' from Sydney pop rockers Old Cities (aka Jordi White and his band) are guaranteed to steal your heart and soul, minus the awkward dinner conversation or overpriced roses.

Coated in sprawling vocals and crystal guitars, 'Take Flight' is a throbbing cocoon of warm melodies and anthemic beats that journeys two innocent lovers escaping a troubled reality and losing themselves to the beauty of their own little world. 'Take Flight' is ultimately a breath-taking little package that calls to mind the jauntier tendencies of U2 mixed with The Presets and a hint of LANY - it's catchy, it's nostalgic and it'll make you forget your worries for just a small window in time.

This is only the second single from this Northern Beaches-via-Israel artist and co. who spent most of 2017 recording and producing the debut Old Cities album - and you can catch the new tune in person with a launch show happening tomorrow night at The Chippo Hotel in Chippendale. Check out 'Take Flight' and more info below:

For more Old Cities info, head to:



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