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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Tried to Quit ARTIST: Rackett

They're one of the hardest working Aussie bands in town right now, and it's safe to say you've either heard of Sydney riot pop kweens Rackett, or you're seriously missing out. But no matter what camp your ears fall into, the brand new track 'Tried to Quit' from this boppin' bunch is an chuggy delight impossible to resist.


Swiftly grabbing attention since their inception in 2016 (notching up a cheeky 150+ shows in 2017 and 2018 alone), Rackett boast an assured potency that reaches beyond their short existence. Unveiling their colourful debut EP 'Ready Or Not' in 2017 and sharing stages alongside the likes of The Darkness, Killing Heidi plus a bunch of festivals, it's a wonder this ferocious foursome found the time to record new material. But found the time they did, and the result is the brand new ditty 'Tried to Quit'.

Kicking off with woozy distortion and chugging guitars, 'Tried to Quit' is a toe-tapping thumper that plays cutesy vocals over a turbid base, resulting in a Powerpuff-Girls-meets-Ozzy-Osbourne blowout that'll get stuck in your head for days to come.

Stemming from lead singer Bec Callander and a period of destruction, 'Tried to Quit' might bop on the surface, but the true force behind the track stems from some pretty hefty life lessons, as Bec explains: "I was immersed in the punk scene there [Melbourne] and all its debaucherous indulgences: drinking, smoking, generally not giving a fuck. I was a rebel without a cause, except that of my own destruction. I guess in a way, I tried to quit on myself and I just couldn’t do it".

Whether you need a whallop of self-realisation or just a ridiculously catchy tune to get you through the week, you won't be able to quit 'Tried to Quit' if you tried. Plus! The Rackett ladies are currently taking their brand new tune on the road, continuing in Canberra tonight.



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