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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Vertigo ARTIST: Ghost Who Walks

The Kiwis are no strangers to busting out some red-hot blues and rockin' grooves in the very recent past, from Fat Freddy's Drop to Unknown Mortal Orchestra and beyond, and on the 15th of December a brand new single from Wellington rockers Ghost Who Walks will bring some more fiery Kiwi funk to the table with 'Vertigo'.

Fronted by Sam Fowles and his backing band "The Ghost", Ghost Who Walks have been steadily forging their funkadelic rock with a clear mission statement: "to move the body and touch the soul", and having just recently emerged from the studio with Wellington legend Lee Prebble (The Black Seeds, Fly My Pretties) 'Vertigo' will mark the first taste of music from the group's upcoming EP due out early next year.

'Vertigo' comes in guns blazing with its funky riffs and bouncy beats as soulful vocals trek calmly across a crunchy psychedelic backdrop. Anthemic and groove-laden, the track also explores the light and shade of personal growth and transcending fear to find your ultimate purpose while slyly coaxing your toes to tap along.

Ultimately an energetic offering, 'Vertigo' soars this Wellington group to new heights and offers an exciting glimpse into the impending Ghost Who Walks EP in 2018 - fun grooves ahead!

'Vertigo' will be released Friday week on the 15th of December, with a brand new video and release party to follow on Thursday 21st December.

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