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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: Wake Up and Find (MAJA)

SINGLE: Wake Up and Find ARTIST: Maja If you've been missing a bit of soul and charm in your tunes, then Serbian-born singer-songwriter Maja (pronounced 'Maya') is definitely an act to put on your radar. Having made the recent move from Queensland to Melbourne this year, this whimsical soul/folk/blues songstress has also just last week released some brand new music off her forthcoming EP, and new single 'Wake Up and Find' is pure joy from start to finish.

Boasting some powerfully sultry vocals, Maja conjures up a timeless track that recalls hints of late 60s soul and R&B with a roots twist. It's delightfully upbeat, but also showcases Maja's songwriting talents and vocal prowess - there's no hiding behind walls of sound or grandiose instrumentation, instead the song relies on some sparkling piano and absorbing melodies to weave its magic.

Of the track, Maja has stated: "I wanted to say that everything would work out if you could just have trust in yourself, but that there was still a lot of learning to go". And with this marking the first taste of her sophomore EP 'Still Bleeding' due out in August, there's definitely a lot more we will learn from this fiercely thought-provoking artist. 'Still Bleeding' is due out Augusut 4th, but in the meantime check out 'Wake Up and Find' below:


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