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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: When Will I Ever ARTIST: KAYSO GRANDE If you look up "grooves" in the dictionary chances are you may find a photo of blues-makin', soul-shakin' Brissie quintet KAYSO GRANDE, a relatively new act on the scene made up of a group of established and eclectic musos united for a noble purpose: "to make you and your friends want to holler and shout, and have the kind of fun your mother warned about".

Having already teased their blues infused rock at some live shows earlier this year, the band are now taking things to the next level with brand new single 'When Will I Ever', a euphoric funk-bomb that shimmies and shakes up and down your spine while simultaneously melting and caressing your face. Bouncy beats and a pumping bassline ride beneath glimmering guitars and some seriously smooth vocals, and the addition of a sprawling Hammond organ is just the icing on this irresistibly charismatic cake.

Full of upbeat joy and a whole lotta soul, this track is just the beginning for KAYSO GRANDE, the sunshine state's example of what would happen if The Black Keys, Regurgitator and Queens of the Stone Age got thrown in a funk-laden blender. Made up of shred-king James Pryce Davies, songstress Georgia Rose, beat lord Todd Orchard, Hammond organ hurricane Nick O'Loughlan and booming bassist Lachlan 'Swampdog' Symons, the group will be busting out a heap of shows and a whole lot more in the very, very near future - but in the meantime, get a peek at 'When Will I Ever' below before it officially explodes into the world:

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