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  • Tiana Speter


If you like the "greenery" of the Dune Rats with a dash of The Strokes thrown in for good measure, then you may already be familiar with the rambunctious tones of Brisbane's Hey Baby!

Earlier in the year the bopping quartet dropped their first single '1-800 WEED', a fuzz-laden little treat that saw the band partially record live. And now Hey Baby! have taken the tunes to the streets with a brand new video for the track; a winking ode to the herb that bears the song's name and a friendly neighbourhood bike delivery service. Subtle? Not quite. But fun and a chance to see the band in action both on the couch and onstage? You betcha.

Of the clip, frontman Kacper Majchrowski explains: "Essentially, we wanted to recreate the idea of a weed delivery service while filming ourselves doing quirky stoner-esque things - we also just wanted to have some fun, and that's pretty much what we ended up doing!"

The clip also features drummer Jaeger Brodie, fret-queen Sam Wilson and bassist Daniel Chlonta at their self-described "dirty indie-rock" best - so before the group head back to the studio to bash out their EP, go check out their new clip below:

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