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  • Tiana Speter

NEW VIDEO: Do It Right Margo (MOD CON)

What happens when a perfect storm of alt-country, experimental pop and intoxicating electronica collides? The answer may not be what you'd expect, but the result is an explosive collaboration of rock-n-roll proportions named MOD CON.

Boasting musical powerhouses Erica Dunn (Palm Springs), Sara Retalick (Golden Syrup) and Raquel Solier (Various Asses), MOD CON is a relatively new group lurking in Melbourne's vibrant DIY community, and after a cranking unveiling of their new single 'Do It Right Margo', the trio have just recently released a brand new clip for their ode to fitting in. A delightfully gritty track, 'Do It Right Margo' is jammed full of droning guitars, hazy vocals and a grinding beat that both rages against and celebrates its rock-heavy soul - and the accompanying video sees the girls let loose in a video arcade that fittingly compliments the sneering tones and raucous vibes dripping across the track.

You can pre-order MOD CON's brand new upcoming release here (featuring a split 7-inch with dark-poppers Fair Maiden), but in the meantime go check out their rollicking new clip below:

For more MOD CON info check out:



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