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  • Tiana Speter


There's something to be said for an artist who can both successfully fit into yet challenge the current Aussie hip-hop scene - and Melbourne rapper Nyuon is one of those rarities who is rapidly making waves. Ethiopian born to South Sudanese parents, Kenyan raised and finally landing in Aus, Nyuon learned English doing what he does best: rapping. Despite hard times (both heartbreak and living in a war-torn country), hip hop was a lifeline to this endearing artist, and thanks in part to some naturally silky flow he is well on his way to being a next big thing. Nyuon's newest single to hit the airwaves is 'Old Timers'; a smooth and low-key outing without being a snooze-fest, and the new video for the track perfectly reflects both the journey and creative motion buzzing around in Nyuon's head. The clip is thoughtful, polished and effortlessly calm, and for the readily likable Nyuon the the only way from here is up and up. Check out the clip for 'Old Timers' below:

For more info check out: Facebook | Instagram: @jusnyuonn | Bandcamp



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