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  • Tiana Speter


Aussie hip hop is a crazy melting pot of huge personalities and diverse backstories - and one of the latest acts making waves is Cronulla legend Slippery Surfa (aka Todd Mingramm). If his name didn't give it away, Slippery Surfa is no stranger to riding the waves, both air and the literal kind; more than a decade ago Slippery, or 'Mingo' to his mates, was one of the rising stars on the surf scene, and was one of the best young board riders in the country - but a freak accident that resulted in a fractured lower vertebrae abruptly ended his surfing career. Fast forward to today and when he's not busy paddle boarding, Slippery has been churning out some bangin' tunes. And fresh off touring with fellow legend Seth Sentry, today marks the video release of Slippery's latest creation 'Surfboard'. Produced in Hollywood by Nik Nikateen (Riff Raff), the video is equal parts hilarious as it is a display of Slippery's catchy tongue-in-cheek style. Grab your board and go check out the clip for 'Surfboard' below:

For more info check out: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @slipperysurfa | Youtube | Unearthed


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