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  • Tiana Speter


Three men and a lyric video - sounds like an unauthorised spinoff to that Ted Danson movie, but in fact this week it's a brand new clip from Mornington Peninula space punk trio Avenues End for their single 'Racing Time' off the recently released EP 'it's not all bad'.

Self-described as "the musical equivalent of matching 10/10 on Tinder, who isn't a bot", the trio have continually packed together an intriguing blend of woozy ambience and a nice little sliver of grit - think Tony Hawk pulling a chilled kickflip by the beach at sunset. And it's these dense and textured tones that soars the group beyond the confines of a traditional trio set-up, particularly evident on 'Racing Time' with its post-rock tendencies and punky tinge.

The brand new lyric video for 'Racing Time' features footage taken from the band's recent regional tour and showcases the rare moments of peace found on the road, from night-time endless highways to fields of wildflowers leading to the water.

You can check out the whole EP 'it's not all bad' in all the usual places, but in the meantime go check out the sprawling clip below:

For more Avenues End info check out:


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