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  • Tiana Speter

NEW VIDEO: I'm Not Ready For This (BRYAN ESTEPA)

MUSIC VIDEO: I'm Not Ready For This // ARTIST: Bryan Estepa


Mingling the charisma of Tom Petty's Americana with the rockin' power pop of You Am I, singer songwriter Bryan Estepa is ready to softly enchant your senses with a new music video for his tune 'I'm Not Ready For This'.


Poised on the brink of releasing his sixth studio album 'Sometimes I Just Don't Know', Sydney-based artist Bryan Estepa is no stranger to the Aussie indie scene; with over 20 years experience in the industry and five studio albums under his belt, it comes as no surprise that Estepa's latest release 'I'm Not Ready For This' is a beautifully sentimental and polished outing with its engrossing melodic wanderings and subtle power-pop soarings à la Elvis Costello and The Jayhawks.

But proving he's not only adept at crafting bittersweet sonic gems, Estepa has since also unveiled the accompanying clip for 'I'm Not Ready For This', showcasing a sharp and shifting black and white setting that ebbs and flows its light and shade as much as the ruminating track itself.

Created by Michael Carpenter of MCMI Music Imaging, the new clip for 'I'm Not Ready For This' marks another step closer to the impending release of Estepa's sixth album 'Sometimes I Just Don't Know' - and it seems that Estepa is very ready, indeed, for this next chapter to unfold.

Bryan Estepa's new album 'Sometimes I Just Don't Know' is due out on August 23rd via Lilystars Records/Rock Indiana. But in the meantime you can check out his brand new music video below, and for all other Bryan Estepa info, head HERE.


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