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  • Tiana Speter

NEW VIDEO: Run It (ft. Kwasi) (DOS BOY)

Last Friday Byron Bay-turned-Melbourne rapper Dos Boy (aka Dane Birks) unveiled new single 'Run It' featuring fellow Melbournite Kwasi - and the result was a perfect storm of potent beats, slick lyrics, plus a tinge of Kwasi's trademark heavier influence.

It's a catchy little number, but it packs a hefty punch dealing with a whole horde of issues, including addiction and abuse - "The concept is the evolution of my mindset, my transition from running away to running it," Dos Boy explains. "It's about being triumphant through hardship"

Off the back of the single release, Dos Boy also threw down a video this week for 'Run It' which is as dark and symbolic as the track itself - and while the clip is saturated with isolation, it's also eerily uplifting, perhaps in part due to the banging hook from Kwasi and Dos Boy's effortless flow. Check out the clip below, and keep your eyes fixed on what's next from this intriguing up-and-comer:

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