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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Better Days feat. Dallas Woods & Sampa The Great // ARTIST Baker Boy

Diving into the remaining remnants of 2020 with a dexterous showing of lustrous flow and resilience, Baker Boy's latest track Better Days featuring Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great is a masterclass in polished unity.


While the title of Baker Boy's brand new tune Better Days may hint at a COVID-worthy narrative, the song was in fact written in 2019, with the iconic artist voicing personal struggles and burdens amid some new sonic direction and with Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great along for the ride.

Blending Yolngu Matha, English and Bemba languages into the track's gleaming instrumentation and tranquil flow, Better Days offers a dazzling display of unity and perseverance as the trio dive deep into cultural expectation and shared trials with authentic gusto while constantly maintaining their own individual flair.

“Our common ground is bringing our cultures to the forefront in what is the mainstream right now...That’s something that I always saw and always admired in both Baker Boy and Dallas, and something I wanted to do for myself. Sometimes we put so much strain on artists, that they are even afraid to grow. I’m glad Baker Boy feels like he can actually express this element of himself. He doesn’t have to be one thing and that’s really beautiful.” - Sampa The Great

Coming at a particularly poignant moment in history, both from an artistic and societal perspective, Better Days furthers Baker Boy's ability to merge his creative passions with a deep love and connection to his culture (as well as his knack to bring together and celebrate the broader Aussie music community). And fresh off some huge wins at the National Indigenous Music Awards earlier this year, as well as some ARIA Award and APRA noms in his wake, it's very safe to say the love for Baker Boy is extremely reciprocated for this truly inspiring artist who isn't afraid to mix things up or get real about life's less-than-rosy realities. But better days are on their way, and Baker Boy is leading the charge - go check out the new tune and music video below!






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