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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE Borders // ARTIST Nathan Ball

With an Aussie tour on the very near horizon, UK singer songwriter Nathan Ball has gifted a visceral gem to tide fans over in the form of his brand new tune Borders that unleashed this week.


Drawing comparisons to the likes of The War On Drugs and whipping up dreamy, lolling delights from London in the UK, Nathan Ball is an artist equally equipped to bewitch the soul and dazzle the senses with his gentle and measured indie tones. And it's with his latest release Borders that Ball's magic truly takes flight, boasting creamy vocals and cloudy melodics that illuminate around ever-burgenoning crescendos.

Coated in a serene wave of angst, it would be easy to initially assume this new outing is just another run-of-the-mill heartbreak ballad dressed up as some tranquil ear candy. But this ain't no cliché, instead focusing on more familial ties in lush and soaring settings:

"'Borders’ is written about a turbulent relationship between a father and his son, where these barriers exist between them which prevent them from opening up to each other”. - Nathan Ball

Fusing heartfelt narratives with breezy, affable airs, Nathan Ball is without a doubt an artist perfectly suited to the summery shores of Australia. And as luck would have it, the man himself is set to hit up some East Coast shows kicking off in early December, bringing his divine new tune with him. But to tide you over before he heads Down Under, go check out Borders below and treat your ears to some sensory bliss!



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