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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Crush // ARTIST Rackett

If you aren't already crushing hard on the new incarnation of Sydney's RACKETT, get ready to fall in love with the neon wonderland waiting on RACKETT's aptly titled new tune Crush.


Emerging last year with a dazzling sonic makeover, Sydney artist Rebecca Callender has spent a painstaking amount of time re-calibrating since parting ways with her RACKETT bandmates. And while the jump from punk rock badass to electro-pop princess may not seem the most natural transition in theory, it's on Bec's latest outing under the RACKETT moniker that her metamorphosis is cemented, busting out the fluorescent jam Crush in all its glitzy glory.

Co-written, produced and mixed by Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Mia Rodriguez) and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Joe Laporta (Solange, FKA Twigs), Crush is all gloss and glamour as Callender relishes in her newfound status as bonafide pop sensation. Full of sugary electronics, infectious beats and dazzling production, you'll be hard-pressed not to get whipped up in this luminous treat.

"Crush is my best work yet...I’m totally smitten with the lyrics and sound design. Dave and I created layers of experimental sounds, even recording paper ripping in the studio to compliment the lyrics; ‘tear my logic apart, gimme your love get me outta this crush. I love to create music and art that combines both digital and raw elements within one space.” - RACKETT

They say a change is as good as a holiday, but for RACKETT a change has proven to unlock some serious popping musical chops, and Crush will tickle your sonic sweet tooth ahead of the impending debut mini-album due for release this November. Go hit up the track and its luminous music vid below!






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