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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Cure 4 Psycho // ARTIST RedHook

Offering a sonic balm of snarling glitz and boisterous charm, RedHook's brand new tune Cure 4 Psycho is another shape-shifting venture into real and theatrical horror in the trio's ever-burgeoning magnetic fashion.


Genuinely one of the hardest working bands in town right now, Sydney's RedHook have cultivated a formidable reputation for their dynamic tunes, frenetic live shows and unmistakable authenticity, leaving a whirlwind of local and international acclaim and some huge tours and supports in their wake. Part alt-rock visionaries, part genre-bending enigmas, there is genuinely never a dull moment to be had in a RedHook outing, and the trio's latest track Cure 4 Psycho jacks up the glossy grit and hard-hitting thematics in another horror-tinged flurry.

Kicking off with jagged guitars and some vocal acerbic silk courtesy of frontwoman Emmy Mack, Cure 4 Psycho slowly builds itself from hypnotic cantillation to a raucous fever pitch bridge, while also juxtaposing cheeky horror movie nods against darker lyrical territory and the rollicking instrumentation above.

"'Cure 4 Psycho' is written from the perspective of a survivor raising a defiant middle-finger to her would-be killer. Writing this song helped liberate me from an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship that I struggled for a long time to escape from...I also feel it's important to note here that the use of the word ‘psycho’ is intended in the traditional sense of psychopathy, referring to someone who is incurably narcissistic, manipulative, predatory and devoid of empathy and remorse, in defiance of its popular use as a term for belittling emotional ex-partners, most commonly women" - Emmy Mack, vocalist

Coinciding the release of their new sonic baby with a one-off double performance at La La La's in Wollongong, this brand new tune is more than just another blistering outing for RedHook; Cure 4 Psycho also sits at the precipice of the band resuming their sharp transcendence in the musical realms after the inevitable stall posed by 2020. Crank your windows down and the volume way up, and let RedHook cure what ails you with their epic new track - go grab a listen below!






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