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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE Dead Ends // ARTIST The Motion Below

Melbourne post-hardcore quartet The Motion Below balance bleak and beauty with their new hard-hitting tune Dead Ends marking the first of a two-part story about a man lost within himself.


As their first release for 2020, The Motion Below have expanded on their sonic light and shade with the delicately heavy Dead Ends contrasting in its fragility and heavy bops while lyrically detailing a man struggling against addiction. And while the group's previous releases found favour with triple j, Spotify playlists and more, it's on their latest outing that the gents seem to wholly uncover their own signature take on the modern post-hardcore realm, with just enough whallop to entice the heavier fans, and some charming gauzy tones to add some depth to the overall proceedings.

Produced, mixed and mastered at The Loud Noise Estate (Polaris, BLKLST, Dealer), The Motion Below are giving fans a couple of weeks to get acquainted with the new tune before unveiling it live at Summer Shutdown alongside Suspyria, Druid and Seddon later this month. And as an extra gift to fans, the boys have also released an accompanying music video (directed and produced by Martin Wood Imagery) that showcases the protagonist struggling and ultimately accepting his slip into madness at the hands of addiction.

Once again proving their might in blending menace with magic, Dead Ends gifts a sturdy start to the new year, and no doubt there will be plenty more to come from this Melbourne lot in the near future. But in the meantime - you can check out the new track below! And for all other The Motion Below info, head HERE.


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