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SINGLE Cheerleader // ARTIST Dylan Cartlidge

Renowned for his genre subversions and criminally catchy tunes, Yorkshire artist Dylan Cartlidge returns with yet another pumping gem loaded with grooves, hip hop and unbridled positivity, unleashing Cheerleader officially today.


Hailing from a small town in the North-East of England, Dylan Cartlidge has become a dynamic fixture in the music world, fashioning adversity into accolades and an eclectic artistry that never repeats itself. Growing up devouring artists like Lupe Fiasco and King Cudi before falling down the rabbit hole of The White Stripes and The Black Keys, Cartlidge has since emerged as a powerful force unafraid to deconstruct and subvert genres with effortless and zesty flair, often attracting comparisons to the likes of Beck and Andre 3000. And while this sprightly powerhouse has continued to flourish with live showings at SXSW, Glastonbury and beyond, it's with his latest track Cheerleader that Dylan Cartlidge solidly continues with sharp and remarkably uplifting style.

Flouting irresistible grooves, Cartlidge's potent punctuated flow and upbeat hip hop overtones straddle the modern with the nostalgic as Cheerleader brings an incandenscent message of positivity and championing your individuality - with lashings of personality. And if you like your beats chunky and your pop a tad funky, chances are you're already familiar with the vivacious stylings of Sir Dylan Cartlidge. But, for those uninitiated, let this be your journey into one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents in the fusion sonic world, with the latter half of 2020 continuing on from the earlier vibe of Yellow Brick Road that dropped earlier this year.

With pop, soul, hip hop and beyond up for grabs, Dylan Cartlidge is the ultimate musical buffet for anyone who needs some groove in their life; so go check out Cheerleader below - AND! For an extra special treat today, we also have the man himself sharing his Fave 5 artists he's a cheerleader for! Read on below!



"I’d wear a tight outfit and get down in pom poms for any of these bands (no matter how frightening the thought lol)"

THE STROKES: I absolutely love the Strokes. There’s something about there sound that’s I’ll forever associate with coming of age in the early 2000s

THE WHITE STRIPES: …two words, Jack. White. 

STORMAE: The guy is a god

KANYE WEST: He was already one of the greats but the 808 and heartbreak switch up was just too flipping good…although he hasn’t been having the best run recently…

THE BLACK KEYS: True legends.



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