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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Fire Eater // ARTIST Maxi Curnow

True to his word to release a new song and video every month until Christmas, British prog lord Maxi Curnow returns with a Buckley-esque banger in the form of Fire Eater which officially released today.


Continuing on from the release of his acerbic groover Tar & Honey last month, Maxi Curnow has huge plans for the remainder of the bizarre year that is 2020. Stoically dedicated to releasing a new song and video every month until December, Curnow's continued sonic exploration and edification is a magnetic journey to behold as this prog powerhouse goes from strength to strength; and this month's release Fire Eater is yet another djenty delight to sink your teeth into.

Channeling one of his biggest musical influences in amongst some technical wizardry, Fire Eater throws down some Jeff Buckley vocal whimsy as Curnow soars over the meaty twangs, pummeling beats and jaunty rasp below. At times flitting towards Leprous-worthy falsetto with the odd harsh growl along the way, Curnow's vocals take dazzling flight on this latest endeavour, with a beautiful djent backdrop pulsing beneath like a deliciously dark and sinuous flame.

Simultaneously dropping a kaleidoscopic music video today, Fire Eater is another sharp triumph for Maxi Curnow and his burgeoning adventures into the progressive stratosphere, with the video also offering the occasional glimpse at a poignant inspiration for Curnow and his musical journey:

"I spent hours making time lapses of the tree that I sat under as a kid. As an adult I sat underneath it and created Kiln. It always meant a lot to me, and I’m glad to feature it in my music artwork and logo! Trees have always been a central theme to my music, you’ll be seeing more of this one over the coming months" - Maxi Curnow

As for what's next from Maxi Curnow for his October release? Let's just say it bodes to be a ballistic visual and sonic display, so be sure to watch this space for the next adventure. But in the meantime, go grab a peek and a listen to the brand newie Fire Eater below and ignite some stellar prog into your brain.





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