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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Forever, For Now // ARTIST Local Authority

Existing on a plane of reality simultaneously in the past and not-so-distant future, Brisbane trio Local Authority have absolute jurisdiction over gooey shoegaze and crunchy post-punk, as seen on their latest track Forever, For Now which officially unleashed today.


Starting life briefly as an ambient bedroom recording experiment, Local Authority evolved back in 2017, bringing together Jacque McGill, Erica Sunnex and Lachlan Andrews to conjure haunting odes and bewitching soundscapes. And while their 2019 debut album Negative Space introduced the group's penchant for 80s and 90s alternative UK flourishes, it's in 2021 (brandishing a brand new member Kailan O'Dell) that the group's crushing-coldwave-meets-dreampop-delirium sprawls fluidly to life like a goth at the beach at sunset.

If lush, layered vocals and thronging soundscapes are your jam, then chances are you're already familiar with the cerebral and textured tendencies of Local Authority, or perhaps this is your first foray into the world of gazey post-punk, and you're ready to immerse yourself in some sticky escapism. Either way, there's a dazzling world to discover on Forever, For Now, with a vivid melancholia that manages to rise above grating angst. The track is officially out today via 4000 Records, grab a listen below, and you can catch the official single launch live in action if you're in Brisbane later this month! More info HERE.





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