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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Mjolnir // ARTIST Intrøspect

Named for the almighty hammer wielded by Thor himself, the brand new track Mjolnir from Sydney progsters Intrøspect is a bolt of steely beauty that flawlessly cleaves glistening ambience with blistering moxie.


If Northlane and Evanescence met and fell in love, chances are their lovechild would be Sydney quintet Intrøspect; with pummeling brawn and ethereal bliss, Intrøspect are a band who simultaneously delight and demolish, and their brand new track Mjolnir offers a tantalising peek into the latest chapter from this bunch.

Marking the first song written primarily by lead-guitarist Loko McDonald, Mjolnir merges piano-driven melodics and razor-sharp rhythmics, teaming up with Liam McDonald of Infinite Illusion on guest vocals while also debuting newcomer Luke Turner on permanent bass duties. And much like its mythological Norse namesake, Mjolnir provides fearsome sonic devastation alongside shimmering beauty, with the band exploring anger and human destruction in delectable prog fashion.

"Mjolnir is a testament to everything we love about progressive metal. Dizzying highs, tight and crunchy lows, with a sense of melodic stability all in between. If this is ascension now, commit my soul to the earth" - Loko McDonald, guitars

Cementing the band's distinct stake in the broader heavy music landscape, Mjolnir is a potent glimpse into what lies in weight for the group's hotly anticipated sophomore EP Midnight Sun, due out on March 19. Intrøspect will be hitting stages to celebrate their new sonic baby, launching Mjolnir in Canberra and Sydney next weekend; but in the meantime, come get acquainted with this stunning new tune, and keep your eyes and ears out for more from Intrøspect in the very, very near future.






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