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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Oh So Cool // ARTIST Bootleg Rascal

Few can do slinky party anthems quite like Gold Coast duo Bootleg Rascal, and their latest track Oh so Cool steps up with some hip hop froth lurking amongst the grooves.


Steadily releasing tunes from their forthcoming staggered EP Collaborations of the Very Isolated Delinquents "19" (a bit of COVID acronym humour for the kids playing along at home), Bootleg Rascal have continued to deviate into new stylistic territory. And while the group's essential core of hip, hop, reggae, dub and indie-rock still bubbles away beneath each new release, the pair of Carlos Lara and Jimmy Young dive deeper on their latest release Oh so Cool, busting out some agile flow and swollen grooves amid some hints of the likes of Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C and Gorillaz.

From the prowling basslines to the shiny fuzz below, Oh so Cool is Bootleg Rascal at their swaggering best, and with it's short but sweet runtime it'll absolutely leave you wanting more (and will certainly prove a sweaty delight when live music is back on the cards). And since it's going to be a bit of a wait until the Booty boys will be bringing their bad selves to a stage near you, go give the brand new track a spin below so you're dancefloor ready when the live shows (hopefully) kick off early next year!



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