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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Once In A Lifetime // ARTIST All Time Low

After a year of loss, hardships and traversing bleak times, Maryland pop punkers All Time Low return with a glistening anthem Once In A Lifetime to celebrate the hope and potential on the horizon - as well as the ongoing sonic evolution of the quartet themselves.


Since the release of their acclaimed eighth studio album Wake Up, Sunshine last year, All Time Low have entered 2021 on a high. From near-universal critical reception to the appearance of their highest charting song in their entire career (the boppin' monster that is Monster), All Time Low have continued to be a gilded light of powerful pop punk well beyond the boom of power and emo pop back in the early 2000s. And while 2020 was certainly a year of lows and hardships for many all over the world, the brand new track Once In A Lifetime from this potent quartet packs a powerful punch of hope and resilience against a backdrop of crisp basslines, sweeping melodics and upbeat rhythmics that will have you inevitably seeing the glass half full while stomping along to the irresistible chorus.


“Once In A Lifetime’ is a song about loss and dealing with loss, facing harsh realities and coming out the other side stronger for it...We wrote this song in bleaker times, in a world still asleep at the wheel that left us all relearning how to navigate the uncertain roads ahead, but ultimately there is a hopeful undertone to the entire sentiment. Things can only be so bad and once it’s over, it’s over; there’s room to start rebuilding. This song feels like it’s cut from the same cloth as ‘Monsters’: a progression and continued evolution from the celebration of All Time Low that was Wake Up, Sunshine.” - Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low frontman


Teaming up with frequent collaborators Zakk Cervini (Blink-182, Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey) and Andrew Goldstein (Maroon 5, Katy Perry, blackbear), this new tune may come during a particularly bleak time in many of our worlds, but it's certainly an animated anthem and a vibrant amalgamation of what fans have come to know and love from an All Time Low ditty. Come escape your daily blues and grab a taste of Once In A Lifetime below.






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