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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Outsiders // ARTIST East York

Amid lockdowns and worldwide chaos, some good has certainly erupted from 2020 - and one such stroke of turning bad to awesome is the debut single from Melbourne alt rockers East York with the exhilarating single Outsiders announcing this exciting new project to the world with thunderous gusto.


Boasting a line-up to make most fans of alternative rock weak at the knees, East York brings together Mammal drummer Zane Rosanoski, Logic Defies Logic's Tarquin Keys alongside guitarist Daz and bassist Eric into a cacophony of brawling bounce that rattles and charms in equal measure; a fact most ardent on the group's sizzling debut track Outsiders.

Crawling with snarl, jaunt and dazzling might, Outsiders is the high-octane rock anthem 2020 needs. With its razor-sharp beats, woozy harmonics and fluctuating light and shade, East York powerfully flex their musical pedigree while also crafting a turbulent gem that doesn't hold back on exploring new facets of the 'stadium anthem' trope amongst some devilish heavy blasts.

"Outsiders is a tribute to the ones who walk on the outside of society. It speaks to those of us who play the game of life on our own terms and, who don't care to swim with the tide" -

Tarquin Keys

Offering a delicious sonic tincture to the undeniable trash heap that is 2020 (and an anthem for those unafraid to go against the norm), East York will undoubtedly ignite your senses with their dynamic wiles and ballistic riffage. If you like your rock loud and proud, or just need something to jolt you awake instead of that third coffee for the day, come wrap your ears around this explosive first offering from an extremely exciting new venture in the Australian heavy world. More please, East York.





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