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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: Rules That Won't Be Broken (REQUIN)

SINGLE Rules That Won't Be Broken // ARTIST Requin

With the beguiling brood of early Radiohead days mixed with aphotic alt-pop, Brisbane trio Requin make their own indie rules with their pensive new tune Rules That Won't Be Broken that dropped this week.


Finding naming inspiration from a malfunctioning TV in a local fish and chip shop, the dichotomy of the perceived tension and release flickering on a TV screen carries richly into the dark yet sparkling ways of Bris art pop trio Requin. Striking a particularly timely thematic tone of the fragility and uncertainty that can come when one's personal barriers of safety are crossed over by others, Requin's brand new track Rules That Won't Be Broken offers up a simplistically lush and vulnerable journey that softly unsettles while powerfully charming in its own unique fashion.

Taking inspiration from a short poem written by Requin singer Fionn Richards and offering some insight into the emotive core due on the group's upcoming debut album Shark, Rules That Won't Be Broken rises and falls while wrapping its stirring soul around your ears, aptly captured live in Fionn's parent's home by engineer Chris Brownbill:

"We agreed it was important this time around to capture the songs as genuinely as possible. A big part of that was being able to record them as we wrote them, standing across from one another...It was very meaningful for us to be able to record the songs this way, in the house where they were written. The themes covered in this single and album are very personal. It was a real privilege to be able to document them in the house I'd spent my life growing up in, alongside incredible people." - Fionn Richards, vocals

Also marking the band's official joining of the legendary 4000 Records family, Rules That Won't Be Broken is a scintillating entree to more auditory delights as the group edge closer to the release of their debut full-length. But for now, you can grab a taste of Requin's brand new tune below, and the group will be touring around New Zealand until next week before returning to home soil for a hometown launch show at The Bearded Lady on April 4. More info below, and for all other Reqin info head here.



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