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SINGLE Sometime // ARTIST Junie

Sometimes you just need some smooth grooves to help you cruise through your day, and the brand new tune Sometime from Gold Coast RnB artist JUNIE is the epitome of chill thrills.


Since launching his debut tune Exercise earlier this year, JUNIE (aka Carlos Lara) has wasted no time establishing this passion project, joining fellow emerging Sydney artists Down For Tomorrow, A.GIRL, PLGRMS and more in the live setting, while also jumping onstage at the iconic Newtown community event King St. Crawl as part of Good Intent's first birthday celebrations last year. And continuing on with his glassy sonic ways, JUNIE's latest track Sometime which dropped late last week is an irresistably lush and lolling flair.

Carting around sprawling rhythmics and soothing grooves, Sometime elegantly layers slow-burning RnB with flickering guitars, while Lara coats proceedings with his buoyant vocals as he steps up to personal hurdles amid the hypnotic allure:

“While on the surface ‘Sometime’ is a fun and light-hearted jam, the track delves into deeper themes, which explores my battles with patience and confidence. Facing your hurdles front on is always overwhelming, but a great way to get past them”. - JUNIE

Boasting production and mixing from Lara himself, as well as mastering from Ian Pritchett (Boo Seeka, Kim Churchill, Angus and Julia Stone), Sometime is the early taste of summer bliss we're all secretly needing as winter and the insanity of 2020 still dominates our own individual worlds. So go grab a listen to the new tune below, and keep an eye out for an imminent music vid for the clip very, very soon!



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