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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE The Void // ARTIST Modality

From the dark vacuum of 2020 comes some smashing djent courtest of Melbourne trio Modality and their caustic-yet-compassionate new tune The Void.


Honing in on themes of artificial intelligence, social commentary wrapped in waves of crushing djent since forming back in 2018, Melbourne trio Modality swiftly found their feet in the prog world, recording their debut EP SYNTHES1S in 2018 with Clint Vincent (Dead Letter Circus), debuting their live show at 2019's Progfest, and hitting stages alongside prog heavyweights like Monuments, The Ocean, Circles and many more. And while their latest track The Void fulfills the searing intensity the band have steadily cultivated, the group also flex their sensitivity amid the blazing bounce on this colossal djenty outing.

"[The song is for people who are] feeling helpless and searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, especially with the world being currently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's the feeling of being depressed and empty inside, not knowing if there's anything you can do to change it, and coming to terms with the uncertainty of things getting better or worse. It’s also about the fear of becoming numb and desensitised to everything, and the fear of being reckless and destructive in the environment that surrounds you. The surreal visuals of the film clip amplify the feeling of abnormality that we are all experiencing at this time." - Nigel Jackson, vocals

Mixed by Ted Furuhashi (Circles, Twelve Foot Ninja) and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic, The Void also comes bearing a brand new music video directed by frontman Nigel and Dave Hunter (Circles, Band Factory Media) that perfectly encapsulates the track's ferocity as well as the underlying thematics scattered throughout the tune. Come escape the void and dive into Modality's blisteringly stunning world, you can grab a watch and a listen of the track below. For more info, head HERE.





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