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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE Where Were You // ARTIST We Set Signals

Lately it seems Australia is continually hording a dizzying crop of surging post hardcore outfits all over the place. And whether you're a fan of the heavier pop punk realms or not, Brissie quintet We Set Signals are a band worth setting your sights on if you haven't already, with their elegant melodics and powerful textures most recently on display with a brand new tune Where Were You that dropped late last week.


For a band who command over 5 million streams on their last split release album alone, We Set Signals are certainly not a "new" band. But considering the gents have never previously engaged in any press or radio push in Australia, the group's backstory is even more extraordinary, including signing with US label We Are Triumphant in 2017, near-unanimous critical acclaim for their previous releases, plus a swag of supports alongside The Amity Affliction, Funeral For a Friend and more.

And while their history is already littered with success, 2020 brings a new era to the We Set Signals legacy with a brand new tune Where Were You showcasing the group's songwriting chops and DIY spirit in bombastic fashion. Full of slick production (helmed by vocalist Nick Wilkinson and the band themselves), Where Where You busts out staccato riffs, cascading beats and booming soundscapes as Wilkinson steadily complements the arrangement, never overshadowing the instrumentals with his firm yet grounded vocals telling a personal tale:

"Where Were You is about a relationship turned toxic that I completely lost myself in. After the break up, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. It took everything in me to just survive and rebuild myself." - Nick Wilkinson, vocals

Offering the first taste of new material from a new We Set Signals album to come later this year, Where Were You was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by vocalist Wilkinson (with the band offering additional songwriting and production) - and to add to the mix, the lads also dropped an accompanying music video for the tune featuring We Set Signals interspersed with some apocalyptic vibes.

Telling a tale of redemption and rebuilding dressed up with some snappy flair, Where Were You is a killer snapshot of a band who have already hit their stride but aren't afraid to reach further - and 2020 is undoubtedly going to bring a hell of a lot more for this Brissie bunch. Check out the new song and clip below, and for all other We Set Signals info, head here.



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