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  • Tiana Speter



With the world around many of us still crumbling and clouded in uncertainty, sometimes all you need is a poignant tune and some kitty goodness merged into one to put your woes at ease; and as luck would have it, Brisbane folk duo The Wicked Messenger have got you covered this week, with a divine music video for their recent track I Am Here about to drop into the world (but you can grab a sneak peek today, with The Soundcheck proudly premiering the new clip right here, right now!).


Weaving their glistening modern folk magic together after time spent in bands, playing festivals and traipsing the globe, The Wicked Messenger (aka Jimi Beavis and Janey Mac) bring lashings of fresh air to the folk trope, balancing mellow charm with eloquent delivery that can't help but captivate in graceful fashion. And while their previous tunes have already whipped up plenty of attention (including some triple j action for their jaunty ditty You Don't Love Me Anymore), it's with the pair's latest track I Am Here that true magic manifests amid steely soundscapes and calming finesse.

Recording their latest tune amongst the forests of Brisbane's Mt. Nebo, I Am Here was conjured by Beavis as an ode to love and loss, poignantly inspired by his beloved cats and partner Janey, and processing how he would cope if he were to lose it all. And while the underlying themes of grief and uncertainty are universally at the forefront right now, I Am Here also offers a haven laden with acoustic bliss and calming twists; a reminder to savour the moments with the ones you love, brilliantly dressed up as a lucid folk song. But it's not just sonic fun and games in the land of The Wicked Messenger right now, and for the duo's accompanying music video for their brand new tune, it's beyond fitting that the pair appear together in their home, complete with their cherished cats in a display of warm and winsome intimacy that will soothe even the most frantic worries rattling around in your brain (plus, who can resist a video with cute cats??).

Serving as yet another glimpse into The Wicked Messenger's upcoming album, I Am Here is the perfect salve for the big, bad world around us, and a perfect amalgamation of the group's modern flair and more nostalgic folksy leanings (Bob Dylan, we're looking at you). Undoubtedly it won't be long until we see and hear more from The Wicked Messenger in the not-so-distant future. But for the time being - come grab a peek at the new music video for I Am Here below before it officially releases later this week!

Music Video Credits: Directed by: Talulah Song and Maia Efstathis Shot and edited by: Maia Efstathis





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