May 20, 2017

Another week, another epic new music video to feast your eyes/ears/miscellaneous body parts on. And this week it's The Soundcheck's fave prog rockers - yep, first ever Artist Spotlight band Osaka Punch have dropped another video from their 2016 release 'Death Monster Super Squad'.

There's nothing these boys can't do, and this clip shows them doing what they do best - shredding faces and hearts in a warehouse with hypnotic dusted silhouettes and more hair flips than a Beyonce video. Featuring some stellar shooting and editing from Her Name Is Murder Productions, it's slick and sassy and further proof of why these gents should be top of your list to catch live the next time they roll through town.

Are you in or are you out? Vote "in". And go check out the video below:


Wanna know more? Go stalk the boys over at: Facebook | Instagram: @osakapunchofficial | Bandcamp







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