Updated on the 1st of each month, this is what's making waves in The Soundcheck speakers - featuring brand new stuff from Aussie up and comers, some hidden throw-backs, and possibly some songs heard in Tiana's friend's cars and borrowed to fill out the playlist.

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Monthly Mixtape

june mixtape


Ride off to Valhalla with this explosive tune from C-Horse's brand new album 'Rise Radiant'.

Explosions After Dark

Beautiful menace takes full flight in the hands of this virtuosic Ballarat bunch.

Far Gone

Featuring Maxi Curnow, this is another elegant jaunt from Toska lead guitarist Rabea Massaad.

Death From Above

The Brits amp up their riffage with this prog metal ditty inspired by sci-fi author Richard Morgan.


Haken deliver a slice of grooving prog with surgical precision on this track off their 'Virus' LP.

Enemy Of The Night

Taken from the deluxe edition of 'Alien', this track is dripping in emotion and searing sonic brawls. 


A glistening ray of narrative depth, ambient synths and rich guitars. Nostalgic and modern in its own riveting way.

Midlife Crisis

In memory of the group's postponed Aussie tour, here's a FNM jam that'll get stuck in your brain for days. Dat. Bass.

Tiny Indoor Fireworks

This is some seriously wholesome good vibes from the veteran Scots. Dare you not to smile.

Quick Words, Long Trouble

There's lavish charm in this psych rock indie gem that grabs at nostalgia and some fresh panache.

When Home Calls

Yes, yes, Karnivool are playing later this year (hopefully). But for now, jump into Ian Kenny's softer side.

Exist For Love

This is diabolically beautiful and will make you want to slow dance surrounded by a sea of fairy lights.

Don't You Forget

Adele vibes and goosebumps await on this stunner from Norwegian-born, UK-based singer Ragz.  

These Days

It's a Powderfinger cover, so there's already a lot to like. Add in Plum's honeyed vocals and you've got a slam-dunk on your hands.

Stuck With You

The cover song you never knew you needed: Twelve Foot take on Huey Lewis. And it WORKS.