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The Soundcheck


  • Media coverage includes reviews, interviews, premieres and exclusive content

  • Specify where possible in your email that you are submitting for media coverage

  • Contacting Tiana multiple times will not guarantee coverage - plz be polite

  • Tiana works approximately one month in advance, please also keep that in mind when pitching

Image by Andras Vas
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  • Creative consulting services includes bio writing, press kit packages and bespoke interviews

  • Specify when contacting that you are submitting for creative consulting

  • Please ensure you are able to engage Tiana with any consulting activities with via pre-existing teams prior to enquiring about any of packages. Varying price points available dependent on project.

Image by Sandra Tenschert
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Please also keep in mind, The Soundcheck is a one woman show. If you do not receive a reply, please rest assured it is not a personal decision.


While not exclusively dedicated to heavy music, The Soundcheck does lean a bit heavier. But please don't let that stop you from getting in touch!


Private messaging Tiana's personal social media accounts requesting coverage isn't a good idea; she usually forgets her password, and if she does log in - it's only to look at memes

For all submissions and coverage requests, contact:

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