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November 28, 2019

For the second last episode for season one of Behind The Soundcheck, come dive deep into the rabbit hole as we today venture far beyond the stage and studio, joining Caligula's Horse bass-man and musicology wizard Dale Prinsse on a lo...

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21 Mar 2019

ALBUM: Machinegun Tongues // ARTIST: Machinegun Tongues

Rock gets ripped an almighty new one by Melbourne quintet Machinegun Tongues and their thumping new self-titled album that dropped last week.  

While only recently perched on their debut full-len...

28 Dec 2018

2018 has been a truly incredible adventure of killer music, stellar shows and bands both old and new fighting the good fight to gift us with their art. For The Soundcheck it has been a privilege to review and interview so many of these artists, and to celebrate the ama...

22 Aug 2018

ALBUM: Off Into My Head
ARTIST: Dark Fair

Gaze into the heads of Melb shimmering alt-rock duo Dark Fair with their brand new sulky bop of an album 'Off Into My Head' out this Friday.

Since forming almost seven years ago, Dark Fair (aka Ramona Moore and Ellie Dunn) have...

21 Aug 2018

There's no denying it - we Aussies are extremely spoiled for choice when it comes to exceptional heavy music. But one band on the brink of becoming a true pillar in an already burgeoning industry are none other than Melbourne prog beasts Circles. And 2018 appears to be...

7 Aug 2018

ALBUM: The Last One
ARTIST: Circles

Some say be careful what you wish for, but after five years between new tunes, a line-up change and some substantial time on the road, it's finally safe to get intensely excited about the epic brand new album 'The Last One' from Melb...

24 Jul 2018

ARTIST: Hideous Sun Demon

Psych gets a spooky makeover with the brand new album 'FAME, EROTIC, DREAM' from Perth "novelty spyrock" trio Hideous Sun Demon.

Conjuring the same frenetic tones of fellow psych rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizar...

23 Jun 2018

After circling around some new music earlier this year, Melbourne prog powerhouse Circles have officially announced the release of their heavily anticipated new album 'The Last One' in late August, plus a belter of a new track to spice up your ears.


Renowned for their...

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