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Hosting Services

A professional podcast host and on-camera presenter, The Soundcheck's Tiana Speter is available for hire for a variety of creative projects, including custom artist interviews to put your story front and centre.

No one else has your creative story or your experiences, and no two interviews should ever be the same.

Tiana will research and craft a custom interview experience for you for any event or preferred length, and may also able to assist with sourcing videographers, editors and other industry professionals.

Tiana's extensive experience interviewing some of the biggest names in the musical world, including Tom Morello, Duran Duran, Hans Zimmer and countless others, combines with her love of storytelling and making her subjects totally at ease, ensuring a custom interview for yourself or your band is an unforgettable experience not only for you, but for your fans, both old and new. Her tenure as a podcast host on three separate podcasts, including The Soundcheck's very own Behind The Soundcheck, and her former work for nearly a decade in broadcast and lifestyle television production has also ensured Tiana's steadfast knowledge for bringing a project to life from inception and planning, to filming, editing and beyond post-production.

You can catch Tiana hosting episodes of Desert TV for Mo's Desert Clubhouse, Knotfest TV, the official Good Things Festival feature artist series and many others, keep scrolling for more info, and hit the button below to get in touch.


Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.39.02 pm.png

Tiana teams up with Destroy All Lines to bring you chats with 2022's Aussie artists backstage at Full Tilt Festival in Melbourne.


Tiana hits the hosting chair for Desert TV: live stream shows and performances from Gold Coast venue, Mo's Desert Clubhouse.


Tiana teams up with Destroy All Lines to bring you chats with some of the artists appearing at Good Things Festival in 2022.

My Movie.jpg

Tiana catches up with some local and international artists in person to chat behind the scenes stories and make occasional accidental puns.


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