Tiana Speter


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The Soundcheck is Tiana Speter:

A music livin’, review givin’ girl from the Gold Coast with an ear for talent & a nose for new tunes.


While generally leaning to the heavier realms, Tiana is an eclectic musical sponge with tastes ranging from Meshuggah to Mozart, Ray Charles to Run The Jewels – plus everything in-between. Tiana brings extensive experience in broadcast television production, music and professional writing into each of her projects, including as a host for various podcasts and online video series and as a writing gun-for-hire for a range of PR companies, bands, media outlets and labels. Can she talk and write underwater? Yes, and she'll do it while drooling over riffs and making accidental puns.

Tiana’s personal career highlights (so far) include:


You can also read more of Tiana's published works at: Music Feeds, Hysteria Magazine & The Music.

If you're looking to discover new music, tell your story, learn new stories or just fall back in love with the music world all over again with no gate-keeping, no bullshit, and not just copying and pasting press releases: this is the place. Come check some sound.