Tiana Speter

The Soundcheck is Tiana Speter: a music livin’, review givin’ girl from Queensland (currently in Sydney) with an ear for talent & a nose for new tunes.


While generally leaning to the heavier realms, Tiana is an eclectic musical sponge with tastes ranging from Meshuggah to Mozart, Ray Charles to Run The Jewels – plus everything in-between.

Tiana’s personal career highlights (so far) include: challenging Herman Li (DragonForce) to a Guitar Hero battle, finding a link between a love letter and ‘House of the Rising Sun’ with John Steel (The Animals), evaluating broken wrists with Simon Delaney (Don Broco), waking up Lexxi Foxx (Steel Panther) for an interview…in the afternoon, inviting Matt Caughthran (The Bronx) to play in her living room, accidentally hanging up on Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), learning about stranger danger with Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb), talking perfectionism with Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), relishing in the joys of black clothing with Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), establishing the empirical importance of the Nintendo Switch with Sam Vallen (Caligula's Horse), sharing tales of creepy car park recordings with Megan Washington, offering to make cut-off jeans for Corey Glover (Living Colour), talking music industry survival tips with Ross Jennings & Richard Hensall (Haken), re-casting movie classics with Harvey Miller & Monte Morgan (Client Liaison) and finding out why Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust) once lost his mind when his dentist drove past.

 Whether you’re looking to discover new tunes, peek behind the scenes or just generally read about music shenanigans: this is the place.

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Submission Tips

While The Soundcheck loves getting sent new music and interview queries, it is ultimately a one-woman show. Due to this and a recent increase in submissions, The Soundcheck can't guarantee a reply to every single email.


The Soundcheck usually works approx. one month in advance, so please take that into consideration when pitching.


Repeat emails will not guarantee coverage. If you do not receive a reply, please rest assured it is not a personal decision.


While not exclusively dedicated to heavy music, The Soundcheck does lean a bit heavier. But please don't let that stop you from getting in touch!


Private messaging Tiana's personal social media accounts requesting coverage isn't a good idea; she usually forgets her password, and if she does log in - it's only to look at memes.