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  • Tiana Speter


SONG: Me and Your Mama ARTIST: Childish Gambino The latter months in 2016 have certainly provided us with musical gifts from a whole horde of artists – but none have been as heavily anticipated (and surprising) as the first taste of Childish Gambino’s, aka Donald Glover’s, upcoming third album 'Awaken, My Love'.

From the get-go of this first single, it's obvious we're in for something different – we’re not in Kansas anymore, and this is not the Childish Gambino we knew from 2013’s 'Because The Internet'.

'Me and Your Mama' starts off with a quiet, gospel glockenspiel-laden groove for the first few minutes, before exploding into a raw celebration of funk with some jaw-dropping vocals from the man himself, then tapering off into an instrumental sprawl.

Let’s get one thing straight – Donald Glover can sing. His voice here is soulful and aggressive at the same time, but if you came here for his trademark rapping – you’re going to leave empty handed, my friend. With not even a shred of rap on this track, it will be interesting to see if Gambino has devoted himself to a totally new regime, or if he’s just flirting some new sounds. Only time will tell.

Overall, 'Me and Your Mama' is an enthralling and ambitious saga and if the rest of the album is as adventurous as the first single, I predict good times ahead.

Get your ears around this one here

SINGLE RELEASE DATE: 10th November, 2016

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: Awaken, My Love - 2nd December, 2016

LABEL: Glassnote Records

GENRE: R&B/Soul/Funk/Psychadelic


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