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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: Hope Floats, Love Sinks (SKYWAY)


EP Hope Floats, Love Sinks // ARTIST Skyway

Hope floats and polished punk soars on the triumphant return to form for Goldy pop punks Skyway and their comeback EP Hope Floats, Love Sinks.


Whipping the Aussie music scene into a frenzy with their rollicking punk between 2008 and 2012, Skyway barreled their way from gigs in sheds to touring alongside a slew of local and international icons before other life pursuits beckoned and the band called it a day at the peak of their fast and furious run. But as we have learned in recent times with the return of so many revered Aussie bands roaring back to life, there's always hope for a resurgence; and Skyway officially announce their reunion with frenetic gusto on the upcoming EP release Hope Floats, Love Sinks. Set your ears to stun and prepare for some feels, fiery riffs and a 90s Aussie classic, Skyway-style.

With close to a decade between new tunes, the conundrum for many bands returning from hiatus is how best to balance diehard expectations while showcasing new inspiration and growth, and opening track Above Snakes is a welcome burst of instrumental emotion that would readily sit on the soundtrack to Robert Rodriguez's Desperado as Antonio Banderas achingly walks off into the sunset, guitar slung over his back. And while the scaled-back energy and instrumental intensity may sit squarely outside the pop punk trope, it's a tantalising foreword to the blistering lead single Cut The Ties which swings in with guttural basslines, potent hooks and fiery guitars in smashing Skyway fashion.

From the angsty to the anthemic, Heart Anchor pops up with shimmering riffs, boisterous rhythmics and bouyant melodics, with frontman Dan McMaster going full pop punk powerhouse while traversing the heart-wrenching realities of a relationship ending. And while the lively Glasshouse blasts any doubts of Skyway retaining their game-changing ways since their hiatus, it's ultimately on closing track The Day You Went Away that Skyway flex their versatility with an exuberant pop punk take on the Wendy Matthews 1992 gem (and also one of many covers Skyway have up their dynamic sleeves according to our recent interview with Dan back in October).

So much may have changed since the days of MySpace and flip phones when Skyway first burst onto the scene and into the hearts of many a diehard punk fan back in the day. But absence has only made the heart and blistering likability grow fonder for Skyway, and Hope Floats, Love Sinks is a short but drastically sharp and sweet resurgence for one of the most engaging Aussie pop-punk exports of this generation. With such a glittering backstory, Skyway ultimately have nothing left to prove; but this ravishing new EP affirms Skyway are definitely not ones to rest on their laurels, and it ultimately feels like just the start of a staggering second chapter to come.




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