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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Coming and Going ARTIST: Among Them

It's no secret that Perth is in the thick of a heavy music renaissance (or perhaps more accurately, a heavy music dynasty); but with so many bands and subgenres exploding at the seams on the West coast, it seems more and more acts are embracing the traditional with the caprice, as is the case with proggy hardcore act Among Them and their debut full-length 'Coming and Going' due out this Friday.


Starting life in high school, this up and coming five-piece have spent the past two years sharpening their brand of thumping tunes, with a flair for melodic hardcore and some low tuned prog, the result of which is on full show in 'Coming and Going'.

There's a whole lotta brutality busting out across the 11 tracks from the Perth lads, with scathing vocals from Lachlan Carroll sitting across a plethora of heaving breakdowns and some spicy moments of djent (particular personal highlights on Meaning, Something Else and Purpose). And while Among Them are clearly embracing their 'core' flag, there's a slow and steady evolution as the album progresses from the typical thrash and bash to some emotive ambient moments (Everything Turned Into You, The Others) and a fun punk-tinged prog-banger (Evergreen).

Perhaps what's most engaging overall about 'Coming and Going' is the journey the band takes themselves on throughout the album; there's a certain sense of catharsis and evolving confidence beneath the growls and the bleating riffs. And while it's without a doubt a noise-fest, there's also some very promising glimmers of restraint and razor-sharp skills that definitely bodes well for the future of this quintet.

If you can succumb through the angst and embrace the shred and the commotion, this album will certainly reward you with its complex and increasingly potent wiles (plus honestly, who doesn't love a hot and heavy breakdown when you're having a bad day). 'Coming and Going' is due out this Friday, for more info head here, and in the meantime you can sneak a peek at their latest single 'Purpose' below:




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