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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Epoch ARTIST: Copia They say a leopard never changes its spots, but a band can certainly alter their sound and Melbourne's Copia is living proof of this with their new album 'Epoch' that drops this Friday (March 31st). Moving away from the standard prog metal template that dominated their earlier offerings, this album sees the band embracing some djenty and (dare I say) metalcore overtones which is a slightly daring move at this stage in the game - and I for one actually enjoyed the more aggressive side to this polished quartet.

'Epoch' kicks off with some heavy, atmospheric vibes similar to the 2013 album 'Eleven : Eleven' - but it throws in a little Eastern twist and instantly establishes a much more brutal tone: lead singer Andrew Bishop comes out guns blazing with a revolving door between heaving growls and clean vocals on 'Broken Bones'. What follows is a tight 50+ minutes of chunky guitars and surprisingly compelling lyrics - but fair warning, you may struggle at times if you don't like your riffs packed with a palm muted punch.

Despite the heavy djent there is a solid range of prog and hard rock influences, and 'Epoch' serves up some truly unforgettable moments, including drummer Chris who comes armed with a machine gun attached firmly to the kit (e.g. on 'Never Forget' and 'Disconnected'), and a whole horde of euphoric rock flashes (especially on the final track 'Watching').

With eleven songs clocking in at just shy of an hour, it's a lot of material to get through in one sitting - but with each track the true finesse and sheer hard work put in by this band is unmistakable, and it's clearly no mystery why these boys have already had their own support and headline tours across Europe.

All up, 'Epoch' is a technical triumph, and also serves as a delicious snapshot of the thriving heavy scene that is unfurling across the country right now.

Check out the official lyric video below for the track 'Disconnected' off the new album - or else head to the band's website to get your ears on it this Friday.

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 31st March, 2017 GENRE(S): Metal/Heavy Rock



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