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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Prodromal ARTIST: Balloons Kill Babies A few months back, The Soundcheck chatted to Brisbane post-rockers Balloons Kill Babies about gig shenanigans and their secret music "shames" (spoiler alert - they're awesome), but now the time has come for this compelling trio to finally unveil their brand new EP 'Prodromal', due out this Friday.

Ahead of the release there's already been a taste of what's to come with the likes of singles 'HTFK' and 'Illuzia', but the final 'Prodromal' product is an intensely thoughtful and immensely dense adventure, full of sweltering riffs and arcane darkness that draws you in and swirls you about across the space of five instrumental tracks.

Starting off, 'HTFK' is a cinematic delight that curls and snarls through a heart-stopping 4 minutes, and sets the scene perfectly for the intensity to follow. 'Breach' kicks proceedings into overdrive, boasting precision riffs and a ferocious wall of sound that shows off the trio's razor-sharp skills, while also showcasing their ability to ebb and flow their beast-mode with moments of calm amid amid the thundering storms. 'Illuzia' continues on with defined ambient calm and crashing chaos treading a tightrope, before the EP closes out with the soothing, grooving 'Feb 25' and prog-laden title-track 'Prodromal'.

Balloons Kill Babies are nothing short of sonic conjurers, weaving dark and heaving tones across their startlingly dynamic creations, and 'Prodromal' is yet another vivid example of why Australia has cemented such a dominant presence in the modern post-rock world. Underlying the triumphant and sprawling release is a display of emotional density and sheer hard-work - there's a hard-hitting level of catharsis that permeates the near-30 minutes, and whether it leaves you feeling hopeful or pensive it certainly won't be an experience you forget in a hurry.

'Prodromal' is out this Friday 22nd September, do yourself and your ears a favour and get your hands on this immersive little number post-haste. More info below:

For more Balloons Kill Babies info head to: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp



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