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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels (SUM OF US)

EP: Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels ARTIST: Sum of Us

Batten down your ears and prepare yourself for some jagged riffs and madcap twists - the debut EP for Brissie prog supergroup Sum of Us is officially due out next week, and unsurprisingly 'Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels' is an action-packed force to be reckoned with.


Having already divulged half of the EP with tracks 'Forrest' and 'First Yawn', the final product for the Sum of Us gents authentically lives up to is namesake, with sharp and salient curves around every corner of this progressive opus.

Commencing with 'First Yawn', we find ourselves instantly caught in an intricate web of narrow riffs and beat brutality, driven by Bryce Carleton's distinctive vocals and technical prowess across the board that would otherwise derail in the wrong hands. Up next is 'Eleven Tigers', a prowling little number that peppers explosive rhythms (helmed by a formidable Dane Pulvirenti) against some technical grooves and effectively segues into lead single 'Forrest'.


Oozing maniacal riffage and heart-stopping crescendos, 'Forrest' ably captures the psychotic finesse possessed by this lot, and serves up more than its fair share of lurid precision and time signature sorcery before the closing track 'Carousel' jauntily shreds and weaves its dark melodic magic over erratic rhythms.

There was never a risk of 'Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels' resulting in a bland and pedestrian outing, with its five members plucked from some of Brisbane's most dynamic emerging acts (Osaka Punch, Kodiak Empire and Red In Tooth), and produced by Chrispy Town and Joel Myles from Head Atlas. The overall result is an eccentric, engrossing and electrifying endeavour that somehow balances its delirious defiance with a cohesive complexity. Aggressive? Yes. Intense? You bet. But if getting stuck in dark tunnels yields such profound result, then lead the way Sum of Us, and the rest of us will follow.

'Dark Turns in Sharp Tunnels' is due out next Friday 13th July. For pre-orders and more info, head to:




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